Educed Spiritualism 

M Kirk

"Shape and form expressed as measurement, rhythm, symbol and transformation of figure and principle."[1]

"Design and shape as dimension, rhythm, symbol and transformation of numbers and concepts." [2]

The description of the work of Emma Kunz by the artist, herself.


A revolutionary, turn-of-the-century medium, revealing her unique access to occult transcendentalism through complex geometrical works of figures, patterns, and rhythms derived from the practice of radiesthesia employing a pendulum.


This series, Educed Spiritualism, selects work by Emma Kunz seeking to elicit the intrinsic nature of her work by computational re-positioning. Employing a modern radiethesia- the algorithm- applied to Kunz’s work, the process seeks to unlock latent forces through which her work may be experienced, evoking new meaning and probing connections exposed through the change in medium.

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