Venn Design Journal seeks works of reseach, creative speculation, interviews, papers, and the like, to expose the untapped potential of the embedded relationship of design and technology and the potential within.  These can be realized or unrealized works of architecture, fine arts, fashion, media studies, philosophy and theory, engineering- there is no limit.

Submissions shall be in the form of visual essays with text of 1,500 words maximum including endnotes, images (cited as figures).  All citation is to be in Chicago-Style.  All images to be between 300-500 dpi at 5” x 7” size. Manuscripts to be in the English language.

Submitted work shall be well-supported and well-researched as evidenced through proper citation.  All submissions shall undergo a double-blind peer review by a minimum of three reviewers with relevant expertise.

All published content within the journal and the website shall remain the property of their author(s).  Through the act of submission, author(s) give Venn Design Journal permission to publish their work either online or in print- all such content without further permissions.  Venn Design Journal, in turn, agrees not to publish the work of the author(s) outside of Venn Design Journal’s online platform or in print (outside printed Venn journals) without the express written consent of the author(s).

Desired submissions are those that are applied research/ practice or theory- in essence, work that is more than merely speculative and presents a more immediate challenge to the establishment.

All materials to be submitted to