Submission deadline extended due March 15 2023

An embedded design process has a vast embodied potential exposing limitless bounds and unrealized profundity necessitating a shift in design thinking, pedagogy, theory, process, and practice.  

At the core of this investigation, the Venn Design Journal issue Embedded Process  interrogates the process of design in demonstrating a new credo that is no longer rooted in a traditional lineage of design but one that must spawn its own distinct and purposeful identity.  This identity arises from the rules of the tools of process- analog or digital- and can often become the design itself.  In this, the performative process and resultant design are subsumed into a larger, complex, cultural network.  Where traditional industrial processes create hierarchies through automation and manufacturing, the performative network forms a field condition through innovation and input- pulsating and multi-nodal- via harnessed technology and customization.  Developing and delimiting intrinsic interconnectedness at once, there reaches a feedback loop, spawning idiomatic characteristics and redefining systems through reconception.  With this, the synergy challenges and redefines traditional questions of design and aesthetics.

This inaugural issue- Embedded Process - starts the Venn Design Journal conversation by seeking exciting and radical investigations that try to grasp at the questions of new order through process that interrogates the feedback loop of spatial complexity with technology.  These conversations should muse about the future of design, the redefinition of tools for such an exploration, and how performative process fits into the larger technocultural sphere.

Submission Requirements